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AlShanner Ac

Al-Shaner for Air Conditioning is one of the pioneers of supplying the AC services in the region, it was launched as an establishment delivering AC solutions by initiative Saudi hands.
It uniquely defers from the competitors with a high competitive advantage, it guarantees the highest level of the quality, accuracy, customer service and high performed teamwork to deliver AC solutions and services in an outstanding degree.
Al Shaner has reached great standards in the same field, making them not hesitant to expand, diversify and enter into other adaptive areas with professionalism and uniqueness, and will not give up the pursuit of growth and rise, until it achieves its vision with determination, perseverance and action.

Project scope

Rebuilding an integrated identity that supports the project expansion strategy, which in turn aims to target a distinct client group through the website and increase in the number of enterprise branches, advertisements and special communication accounts

Design Implementations:

Visual identity: (business card, official documents, employee card, …..)
Advertisements and posters
Identity Guide

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