Mohammed AlBluy
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Brand identity 
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WAMEED is a delivery application service that is based in Saudi Arabia. The application provides delivery
for meat stores to users in an organized and timely manner.



The process began with conducting research and crafting the brand strategy, positioning statement, and
user profiles. The real challenge was designing a logo that highlights the whole aspects of Wameed identity
in an appealing yet effortless appearance.

From that, we have created a new logo that is both noticeable and memorable with an energetic and
approacha ble color palette, a bold and flexible brand font, an App designs, and a modern website.


- Calculating the distance between the driver's location and store location.  

- Authenticating driver's uploaded images.  

- Accepting or rejecting drivers after verifying their photos.  

- Updating the user's money balance.  

- Canceling order delivery after accepting it.

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